Back Up Duo

Kamilla Leines – Zang
Daan Gisolf – Gitaar

Daan Gisolf is a musician from Amsterdam. He started playing the guitar in high school after having classical piano lessons for 7 years. During his musical development, he discovered his love for jazz music. Due to that he is currently studying jazz guitar at the Conservatory of Maastricht.

Kamilla Leines grew up in a German and Polish family listening to the music of Elvis Presley, The Eagles and a lot of blues. Taking music lessons from a young age she discovered her love for jazz music. Ever since she sang and played the guitar in different bands, big bands, vocal ensembles, as well as playing many solo and duet concerts in both small and large settings. 

In order to pursue her dream of making and living music she started studying jazz vocals at the Conservatory Maastricht in 2020. 

That‘s when she met her duet partner, Daan Gisolf, and they decided to share their passion for jazz standards in a small setting with the world.

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